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Sunday, July 29, 2012

ten years of standing still

for ten years i posed naked for artists and art students
i was vulnerable
i loved that vulnerability
vulnerability is power
they thought they had the power,
but in reality it was i who had them in the palm of my hand
they drew me naked
but i controlled my nakedness
and they never really knew
male nakedness is power
because they do not see beyond the obvious
i love my nipples and  so do other men
they did not know
oh, sweethearts, how much they lost

1 comment:

  1. lashem666 posted a comment
    3 months ago

    Edo, The film of your beautiful NIPPLES is so hot...the size and darkness of your AREOLAS and the length of your manly TEATS is incredible. It's great to see a man who shows them off...and the stretched shot at the end is so intense....Mine are the same way.... wide AREOLAS and stiff TEATS